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Mount Juliet and Lady Helen Restaurant Wedding Photography by Shane O'Neill Aspect Photography

I just wanted to share a bit about the wonderful experience I had at Juliet and Paul’s wedding at Martinstown House. It was my first time visiting this stunning venue, and it truly lived up to its reputation.

The day kicked off with perfect weather, feeling just like a summer’s day. I arrived early to familiarize myself with the venue and brainstorm some ideas for the couple’s portraits. The setting was just ideal for the intimate and natural photos Juliet and Paul were hoping for.

Speaking of the lovely couple, they spent the morning getting ready separately. They’ve been living in Switzerland and don’t often get to come home to Ireland, so this wedding was a special chance for them to reunite with family and friends. The ceremony was held at a Church of Ireland church about half an hour away, a place deeply significant to Juliet’s family, marked by generations of births and marriages.

A touching moment was when Juliet and Paul paid tribute to a beloved family member at the end of the ceremony by laying her bouquet at the graveside. And their daughter, Cora, was baptized right after the wedding, which was incredibly special to witness—she was just perfect, no tears at all!

Back at Martinstown House, we captured some beautiful family photos, which was a priority for Juliet and Paul. The drinks reception lasted about three hours, giving everyone plenty of time to mingle and catch up before dinner at 7:30. The speeches were heartfelt and set a wonderful tone for the evening.

Later, the golden hour provided the perfect light for some stunning photos in the Secret Garden. The day concluded with everyone relaxed and looking forward to a night of dancing and celebration.

It was truly a privilege to be part of such a joyous occasion, and I’m thrilled I finally got to experience Martinstown House. It was definitely worth the hype!

From Juliet:

“Shane – words are failing us…! We are all in tears scattered through Switzerland and Ireland and we just can’t thank you enough. It was the most magical day and you not only captured it so perfectly but were such a relaxing, incredible support throughout the whole day. We are in awe and just so so happy – thank you so much!”

and she later added …

“I think the phrase ’embarrassment of riches’ comes to mind…!! We have been poring over these and reliving so many happy memories – I know I have said this so many times but we couldn’t have asked for a better representation of the day. The pictures are exactly what we had hoped for, intimate, reflective of our love and the key take away was that there wasn’t a single time we felt that there was too many being taken or that we were being pulled away from experiencing the moment with friends and family. ”