Let’s Go Disco – behind the scenes

Twitter followers of Martijn Kajuiter, Head Chef at the Michelin-starred kitchen of the Cliff House Hotel will be familiar with his post’s containing the phrase “Let’s Go Disco” – an exuberant call signalling that first orders are coming in and another hectic night of service is about to commence. So famous is the phrase that it lent itself to the title of Martijn’s upcoming book, launching on Wednesday October 24th, for which I was delighted to be photographer. Originating from a Sunday Business Post article of book co-author Alex Meehan’s day with the chef, it was shot over an 11 month period and encompassed 36 dishes and several sessions in the kitchen documenting what happens behind the scenes. It was during one of these day-long shoots that I shot this time-lapse to show what a typical day of this project involved. Usually hectic. Always Enjoyable. Let’s Go Disco!


Future posts will go into detail about some of the processes and techniques used for shooting this amazing project and the incredible work done by Martijn and the team at Ardmore.
Huge thanks to music composer Emmett Cooke from soundtrack.ie for the beautiful music, custom written for this show and Mat Reilly from Lick My Style for compiling the time-lapse.

Dedicated to the memory of James Rehill.

Let’s Go Disco – Behind the Scenes from Aspect Photography on Vimeo.