Inish Beg Wedding – Aoife & Chris tie the knot is a forest.

The weather in Ireland is at best unpredictable. This uncertainty normally casts doubt over long term plans for outdoor activities no matter what time of year. Aoife & Chris however were adamant that nothing was going to prevent them from tying the knot in a forest at Inish Beg near Baltimore, Co. Cork, Ireland, not even the famous climate. So much so that they had sixty umbrellas at the ready for their guests in case the rain came. As it turned out they did not need the umbrellas. Their gamble on the weather payed off in spectacular fashion  with cloudless skies and unseasonably warm weather for April. This is their day …

Wedding Photographer: Shane O’Neill – Aspect Photography
Ceremony Location: Inish Beg, Baltimore, Co. Cork, Ireland
Reception Location: Inish Beg
Wedding Date: April 2011
Client Names: Aoife & Chris

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Sunday Business Post – when Alex met Martijn

I love shooting in kitchens. The manic activity is always a great environment to photograph in. Few are as active as the Cliff House Hotel’s Michelin star restaurant run by Head Chef Martijn Kajuiter. I was delighted to cover the story of journalist Alex Meehan as he went behind the scenes for a day – “exhausting and exhilarating” is how he described it! I used lots of dragged shutter with a pop of fill flash to bring out the energy of the kitchen. Here are some of the shots which were not used. (special thanks to Gillian Nelis, Bryan Walshe & Adriaan Bartels)