Sunday Business Post – when Alex met Martijn

I love shooting in kitchens. The manic activity is always a great environment to photograph in. Few are as active as the Cliff House Hotel’s Michelin star restaurant run by Head Chef Martijn Kajuiter. I was delighted to cover the story of journalist Alex Meehan as he went behind the scenes for a day – “exhausting and exhilarating” is how he described it! I used lots of dragged shutter with a pop of fill flash to bring out the energy of the kitchen. Here are some of the shots which were not used. (special thanks to Gillian Nelis, Bryan Walshe & Adriaan Bartels)

Viewmount House in Longford

I got lucky in Longford last week. The night before a commision, I was recommended Viewmount House just outside the town as a place to bed down.  I looked it up online and found out was on about every decent “places to stay” list there is. When I checked out the website there was an advert promoting an evening with Tom Doorley, a well known food critic for the The Irish Daily Mail. The resident chef Gary O’Hanlon created a set menu of five courses and Tom was going to select a wine to go with each. Normally when travelling, you end up eating all kinds of tripe so I was delighted to see that this event was on the same night as my stay. Except it was booked out! However I managed to strike a deal with the owner, they would make room for me in the bar at my own table provided I took a few images of the evening. Deal! This is what I got …   Viewmount House and “VM” Restaurant are worthy of the hype.