N25 Bridge Waterford

I’ve been chasing a good image of the completed N25 Bridge for quite a while now. People often call looking for an image and recently a good client requested one so I thought it was time to get the finger out. The best location to shoot the bridge (in my opinion) is on a stretch of bank facing west which is on private land so not only did I need to get permission to access the land, I also had to allow myself time to get in position. The recent volcanic ash cloud threw up a good chance for a spectacular sunset to use as a backdrop and with patience, I wasn’t disappointed. This image was captured just after sunset last Friday evening. The heron or herons in the frame were not a flock! Rather one bird that flew into the shot so I fired off a few frames as he passed through. I created a very simple composite to track his progress at the various stages throughout – I think it works quite well. Right, that’s another long term image to mark off the “to shoot” list. With thanks to Mitch for the assistance and Dan for the patience!