Wedding Johnstown Castle Co Wexford

Niamh & David’s driver could not have been more helpful. As we made our way around the grounds of the spectacular Johnstown Castle in Co Wexford he enthusiastically pointed out the locations where photographs are always taken. This was great information, I knew now where NOT to shoot. A reconnaissance mission before unearthed a disused greenhouse. Ideal. The driver had raised eyebrows – litmus paper indicating we were onto something.

an afternoon with john cooper clarke

The legendary “Bard of Salford” was in town on Thursday to perform as part of the Imagine Arts Festival. I made a call on the off chance that he was free for a few shots in the afternoon. He was and kindly agreed. What was supposed to be a quick 30 minute shoot turned into 3hrs! John was as generous with his stories as he was with his time. He talked about everything from Ian Curtis & his favourite band The New York Dolls to his gratitude to Alex Turner, whom he attributes to his current popularity. Throw in a few random poems and curious onlookers who thought I was photographing Ronnie Wood – it’s an afternoon I won’t forget in a hurry. Big thanks to Sinead Flynn and Ollie Breslin for organising it all.

UPDATE: nice to see I made the FWA One Photo a Day with one of the above shots

Hook Head Wedding

Although the majority of my approach to wedding photography is documentary, I do like to pick up an artisitic image for clients too. Something that is not going to take all day to capture, an image that could be put onto canvas later on. To get this shot you really can only go as far as a client is willing to go. Even though I would happily go to extremes, I would never insist on anything too intensive. The client has the final say. In this case, Danny & Bernie opted to go off the beaten track (well, Danny had to be dragged!) in the pursuit of something a little specatuclar, in this case Hook Head.

Hook Head itself is not too difficult to get to. You can pretty much drive right up to it. My favourite location to shoot there is east of the lighthouse, looking back along a small inlet. It takes about 5 minutes to get there across rocks in normal clothes. Add about another 3 minutes for anyone wearing a wedding dress! It was cold and windy. So cold that my hands were numb. It would have been easy to ditch the idea and get back to comfort of the car but the lads were happy to continue. Was it worth it? Decide for yourself, here is what we got  …..